On my final day in Gothenburg I head out to discover that gorgeous archipelago that I witnessed from above as I flew into the city.

My friends and I grab the tram from central Gothenburg and hop onto the boat at end station Saltholmen; it really is that easy. We get off at Styrsö Bratten and grab coffee in the garden of super cozy Café Öbergska before taking a walk around the island, finding the highest point where you get a panoramic view of the nearby islands and beyond. It’s stunning.

No cars are allowed here and the vibe is old school; a traditional Swedish country side haven. Strolling between the picturesque houses I am touched to see rainbow flags on half mast — the pain of Orlando is felt also here on a remote island on the Swedish West coast.

Restaurant and guest house Pensionat Styrsö Skäret is one of those flying the flag and the owner explains they have long been vocal about their suppport for LGBT rights and that they have hosted same sex weddings before. The restaurant, which overlooks the beautiful bay, is filled with the most delicious smells of fresh sea food and we are treated to a beautiful lunch followed by coffee in the garden. It’s idyllic and I can see why people might want to get married, or indeed spend a night, here.

With that my trip to Gothenburg comes to an end and I head back home to the UK to give my girlfriend a very long and warm hug. The weekend’s Orlando shooting has left me shaken but I feel Gothenburg, a place filled with such warmth and positive action, was the perfect place to embrace those news.