Joe Pedro is Editor of Passport magazine, an LGBT travel magazine based in the USA. He travelled to Gothenburg recently and here are his recommendations:


On design:
“Go shopping along cobblestone streets, have a drink under towering cranes and defunct power plants, or party on a boat on your way to one of the islands in the archipelago, Gothenburg unexpectedly stole my heart. Skip the big-name stores and discover some incredible vintage store like Beopop Antik to find old-school Scandinavian wares or Beyond Retro for cheap one-of-a-kind clothing. Grab unique stationary or paper to wrap your souveniers at one of my favorite stores Rum för Papper AB where art students design vibrant prints.”

On food:

“For an extravagant meal, I find myself at Bhoga that prepares only-in-Gothenburg dishes create like turbot with elderflower, but for those looking for a more youthful spot Zamenhof attracts the hipsters with local brew on tap, fresh and local food, and an arcade in the back.”

On places to party:
“At night, the cafes fill up, so grab a seat outside early at Bee Kök & Bar and then head to Greta’s that has a large dance floor and a flirty, young LGBT+ crowd.”


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