It’s the great, (West) Swedish bake-off!


Love, hands and precious time — that’s what’s behind Cum Pane. The name may have made some people do a double take, but this is one of Gothenburg’s premier organic bakeries. Image © Cum Pane Opened in 2008 on Mariagatan by Robin and Christiane Edberg, at Cum Pane the passion is all about the journey from producer to consumer; it’s the ingredients that go in to each of their bakes that make it special. Bread might be what they’re known for (and you can even attend baking classes too) but they have a huge range of sweet treats, from knuts to wreaths, biscotti to bullar, and their signature semla recipe has also been awarded the accolade of ‘Gothenburg’s Best Semla’ in 2016. Cum Pane welcomed a little sibling in 2015, Cum Pane Olskroken on Kobbarnas väg 4, near Olskrokstorget.


A small organic bakery located in the residential area of Eriksberg, at Baka Stenungnsbageri you will find everything from sourdough bread to cookies, all baked in the signature stone oven whilst each day different specialities of bread are baked to a weekly schedule. Baka also has another bakery and café on Barken Storegrundsgata 16 in Sannegårdshamnen. Breakfast is also served in the mornings until 11am at both locations with a small selection of ceramics and bake ware available for purchase as well as food goods from the store.


Da Matteo is built upon great coffee but exceptional pastries and sensational bread are also the two other elements of their arsenal. Their motto is “life is too short to eat bread with additives”. And with their bread, it’s also another essential trio and nothing more: flour, water and salt. Organic flour; stone oven; sourdough loaves, the team take their craft very seriously. All of their fresh loaves are made using organic flour from Wästgötarna (a nine-strong cooperative of organic and ancient grain farmers) and Limabacka. You’ll find levain loaves, caraway-seeded bread, fruit breads, sweet and encriched breads and even nutty and grainy loaves like hazelnut and spelt. Da Matteo branches are found across the city of Gothenburg: on Vallgatan 5; Magasinsgatan 17a; Södra Larmgatan 14; and Sprängkullsgatan 10A.


Set within a Listed building with an interior that’s all polished wood, glass jars and intricate tiles, Husaren has been one of Gothenburg’s most beloved cafes since the Eighties. This the place may where you will find the hagabulle, their signature, larger than life yeasted buns adorned with parlsocker, named after the neighbourhood you will find this old-school cafe in.


Alvar & Ivar is a small neighbourhood bakery in Linnéstaden in the south of the city. Sourdough is the mainstay of this bakery but there’s also lots of perfectly-made sweets, cakes and biscuits. Possibly one of the city’s smallest cafes and bakeries, located at Kastellgatan 11, what sets it apart is how early they open — 7am on weekdays! So breakfast here is a great idea but afternoon fika is just as good too. Sip great coffee, savour some bread or a sweet bun and watch the bakers at work! Alvar & Ivar also write a blog which they have run since 2008 (!) which they still update regularly!


Located just off Avenyn on Teatergatan, St. Agnes Kafé is sweet and delicious with lots of vegan and free-from bakes too. Serving lunch, coffee and homemade bakes Tuesday to Saturday from 11am until early evening, the carrot cake is one of their signature must-tries!

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