Scandinavian design is world-renowned for its unique blend of minimalist chic with maximum cosiness (or ‘Lagom’). Furniture and interior design from Sweden and its neighbours was brought into the public consciousness in the mid 20th century. Post-war, its functional aesthetic was favoured and designers such as Bruno Mathsson innovated in the world of chair making, studying ergonomics, posture and lifestyles. The clean lines and neutral colour palate is a coveted aesthetic that is oft imitated but rarely equalled. And where better to experience the real thing than Sweden’s design capital – Stockholm? We check in to, and check out five properties that score high on the design stakes.

Nordic Light

This design hotel is the obvious choice for devotees of Scandi interiors. That’s because a team of twelve of Sweden’s interiors and architecture experts were commissioned to oversee the creative process. The result is a bright, peaceful and clean aesthetic, with an industrial luxe theme anchored very much in Nordic culture. It’s a relaxing and tranquil bolthole for your stay in the city.

At Six

This hip and happening property has the feel of an covert gallery – in that works of contemporary art are cleverly sprinkled throughout it, without feeling obtrusive. As the hotel’s curator, Sune Nordgren, puts it – the concept for the art is to be “attractive and challenging” – enough to make it memorable but not so much that the hotel loses its homeliness factor. We fell in love with the Jaume Plensa sculpture in the lobby, and the rich decor on the room, encompassing design notes of deep green marble, bronze and gold geometric lines, and dark muted tones.


Set (unsurprisingly) in a former bank, the common areas are a pure insta-worthy indulgence of art deco. We fawned over the 1930s-style light fittings, walnut panelling and crushed velvet soft furnishings. Meanwhile, in the rooms, the mood was less maximalist and more contemporary with a soft, neutral colour scheme. Whimsical touches like printed cushions and statement art pieces kept the theme fresh, whilst luxurious textiles upped the cosiness factor.

Downtown Camper

As the name suggests, this unique property is designed with the urban explorer in mind. As such, the room rates includes a menu of services and excursions, including yoga, wellness, city running and even lectures. And while the design may pay homage to an active outdoorsy lifestyle, it by no means skimps on its design credentials. Think a harmonious earth-tone scheme, with touches of ‘log cabin’ chic and ounces of personality. We loved looking out over the city from our window nook chaise lounge.


Set in a former 17th-century barracks, this property is brimming with character, and the 21st-century reboot is both sensitive to the building’s heritage, yet firmly anchored in the contemporary design movement. Plus, design aficionados will be pleased to know that the hotel sits within strolling distance of the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, showcasing the evolution of the country’s fascias through the ages.


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