Swedish nature can actually help you you become less stressed — FACT. According to a new experiment in West Sweden (conducted in way that only Swedes can), 5 people spent 72 hours in glass cabins on an island of their own to experience the Swedish ‘close to nature’ lifestyle. They lived in custom-made glass cabins and took part in common Swedish outdoor activities, such as fishing, swimming and cooking in the West Swedish countryside in Dalsland.

“The participants decreased their stress levels with almost 70 percent”, says Walter Osika, Researcher in Stress and also Associate Professor at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

Now, West Sweden invites the rest of the world to wind down in nature like a Swede and the glass cabins in Dalsland are available for everyone to book for a 72 hour stay. It’s no wonder that Sweden’s life quality index ranks high and this proximity to nature, even from cities like Gothenburg, is the secret, it seems.

Find out more about how to wind down like a Swede, over a long-weekend at www.westsweden.com