With both this year’s West Pride and Stockholm Pride done for the year, attention turns to next year’s mega-celebration, Europride 2018 to be held jointly by both cities: Stockholm and Gothenburg. We know there are many questions by you curious pride-chasers about 2018’s festivities, so we asked the team at West Pride in Gothenburg for the low-down

Just so we’re all clear, what is EuroPride?
EuroPride is an annual recurring event, where a Pride Festival in Europe is entitled to use the title EuroPride.

When is EuroPride 2018?
EuroPride 2018 Stockholm/Göteborg takes place July 27 — August 19, 2018. The festival starts in Stockholm 27th of July and continues until August 5th. After that, the entire festival will be moved to Gothenburg where it will take place from 14 August to 19 August. The official EuroPride Parade will take place in Gothenburg.

Why does West Pride and Stockholm Pride want to organize EuroPride?
During EuroPride 2018, the event is jointly organized between the two Swedish Pride organisations, Stockholm Pride and West Pride. The two festivals want to challenge the EuroPride concept and create a joyous party that lasts over three weeks. The goal is also to bind LGBT communities in Sweden’s two largest cities, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

What is the event’s slogan?
“Two cities, one country — for a united Europe, open to the world”

What is the purpose of Europride 2018
By hosting EuroPride, we can promote a greater interest in LGBTQI rights Sweden. Through celebration, media interest, forums and political influence we can affect change. 2018 is also time for a General Election in Sweden and Europride will set the tone for an increased discussion about LGBTQI rights in government.

Why is the festival in August instead of in June next year?
West Pride usually starts the Pride season in June. But next year, we want to coincide the festival with Gothenburg’s cultural palace, which will be dressed in rainbow colours. By doing so, we make the festival bigger and draw much more people. The festival being bigger gives us, and Gothenburg more international focus. Hopefully West Pride will get even bigger and better when its original name returns in 2019.

When did Europride start?
In 1992, the first EuroPride was organized in London.

How did EuroPride occur?
Many world-famous Pride festivals were organized, inspired by Stonewall. As the trade union movement grew, the assembly organization EPOA (European Pride Organizers Association) was launched for international solidarity. The EPOA launched a larger arrangement that would raise LGBTQ issues in Europe and internationally. This kicked-off EuroPride.

For more about Europride in Gothenburg visit www.westpride.seTo find out more about Gothenburg as a city, check out www.gothenburg.com and www.westsweden.com