As the smaller, spunkier younger sibling to Stockholm, Gothenburg is the city making all the noise on the Swedish food scene. The innovative fresh food has received praise from around the world, including six restaurants receiving Michelin Stars. Gothenburg is without a doubt a worthy stop for any food focused traveler.

What you quickly realize as you eat your way through the city is that it’s not only a foodie city it is a vegetarian friendly foodie city. Vegetarian food in Gothenburg is always available. As a vegetarian eating here you will easily find options at every place you grab a seat. What is even better than that, there are tons of vegetarian specific spots to choose from. Even the heartiest of meat eaters will find themselves eating a more plant based diet during their visit. If you happen to be traveling with someone who have refused to try vegan food, Gothenburg is the city to have them try it.

Enjoy a food filled day with stops at any of these eight delicious Gothenburg vegetarian restaurants:

Vegetarian Breakfast in Gothenburg

This old style market hall has received a full face lift. Now the biggest market hall in town is packed with both international and traditional Swedish flavors. It is a great place to get a grab and go breakfast so that you’re not wasting any time.  For a nutrient packed green juice, or raw treats swing by Pa Kanelen.

A cozy spot to enjoy breakfast or a tasty afternoon fika. You’ll find fresh squeezed juice, delicious coffee and vegan pastries. There is outdoor seating that makes Materia a perfect summer breakfast stop. The avocado toast is easily as good as it gets.


Vegetarian Lunch in Gothenburg

Brewers Beer Bar
The two locations of brewers Beer Bar means you have twice the chance of being near this delicious vegan pizza. The microbrewed beer scene is growing in Gothenburg and this is a great place to check that out. The vegetarian topping options are mind blowing! This place also has a really cool vibe to relax for an evening or afternoon.

More is More
Vegan street food, vegan comfort food, vegan deliciousness! So in love what what they are doing at More is More. The biggest draw is the fully loaded vegan hot dogs and craft cocktails but the jackfruit nachos are incredible. If you haven’t tried jackfruit yet the texture when cooked is similar to pulled pork, making it perfect for nachos.


Vegan Fika

da Matteo
In Sweden, Fika is a way of life. The middle of the day breaks feature a strong cup of coffee, a baked good and always shared with someone. When searching for words to describe da Matteo it is had to keep hipster out of your mouth. This place feels effortlessly cool in all the right ways.

Vegan Dinner Gothenburg

At Blackbird the food is made for vegans by vegans. The food is packed with flavor and the menu is loaded with various flavor profiles. The food is made from scratch featuring the freshest local ingredients. Save room for a delicious vegan white chocolate mousse.

Is perfect for small plates before a night out or a night at the theater. The dishes are inspired from all over Europe and are best paired with some of Folk’s best cocktails. They also host a Queer party, Bby one Wednesday a month.

Wrapped Burrito Bar
The very freshest ingredients with traditional Mexican seasonings wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla. Expect Wrapped Burrito Bar to be crowded on a Tuesday because Taco Tuesday is very much a thing in Sweden. The atmosphere is relaxed and offers a veggie or jackfruit option.